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Sage 100 ERP

"With Sage Alerts & Workflow, anyone who needs to know something has no excuse not to know."

Neil Montgomery
"Eyes Everywhere"
ComputerWorld Magazine


"If only we had known . . . "

. . . that a customer was so past due . . .
. . . that a delivery was going to be late . . .
. . . that a customer had changed their buying habits . . .

And the list goes on. Surprises are great for birthdays, but they’re not nearly so good when said in connection to your ERP data. “Not knowing” what’s going on – and “not responding” when you need to -- means you’re fighting fires instead of preventing them.

That’s where Sage Alerts & Workflow comes into play.

Alerts & Workflow automatically monitors your ERP data for critical, time-sensitive conditions. For example, Alerts & Workflow identifies past due clients; it sends alerts about them; it can put them on credit hold, and it can even re-send them copies of their overdue invoices.

And Alerts & Workflow is affordable; starting out at $1,799 for your entire company. Learn more today . . .


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