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“After reviewing available solutions, we feel that Alerts & Workflow is the best way for Sage HRMS clients to keep on top of employee activities.”

Mark Dresser
Dresser & Associates



“When did that happen . . . ???”

. . .  an employee recorded excessive overtime . . .
. . .  drug tests came back positive . . .
. . .  a manager promoted one of their staff . . .

Do you ever feel that your HR department is always playing catch-up? Trying to keep on top of what is happening, what is not happening, and – most importantly – what has to happen? Do you spend countless hours reviewing reports to find just a few pieces of critical HR information?

Let  Sage Alerts & Workflow do that for you.

Alerts & Workflow automatically monitors your HR data for critical, time-sensitive conditions. For example, Alerts & Workflow identifies excessive overtime, alerts the appropriate employees (and their managers), generates an “OT Analysis” report, and can even disable additional OT for that staff.

And Alerts & Workflow is affordable; starting out at $1,799 for your entire company. Learn more today . . .


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